Monday, November 30, 2009

cope and deal

How have I not gotten sick of For The Fallen Dreams yet? I have listened to them so much lately and still they remain on my speakers. Usually, bands get played a few times and then I forget about them but fuck, they're just too good.

What the fuck is wrong with those kids?

Nightmares (ft. Jeremy McKinnon of A Gay to Remember [sic]) is SO sick. The breakdowns at the start and finish are so brutal that I don't even mind the guest vocals in the catchy chorus. The slow solo (does that have a different name? I don't know) during In Sincerity is magnificent. And Two Twenty Two is just killer, start to finish. And those are only off their new album, Relentless. Their older release, Changes is just as sick but not as catchy.
[Editor's Note: if you don't like metalcore, listen to this band anyway. If you still don't like metalcore after checking out the songs on their Myspace, I bid you good day. Everyone has their own tastes and I'm cool with you not sharing all of mine.]

What a sweet girl, kissing a luchador. Luchas need love too!

On a completely different note (Hah. Get it? Because this post is about music?), check out Letting Up Despite Great Faults. They're really spacey electro/shoegaze from L.A. They sound kind of like The Postal Service but way more contemporary. Maybe even a little futuristic. You know, because in the future everyone will sound like they're fucked up on Prozac and Xanex. Except the synths. They're just drunk.

Friday, November 27, 2009

older norweigan men with bad skin

Today, I experienced something wonderful:

It is everything I have ever wanted. Nazis, zombies, babe (yes, only one) and some movie jokes. And lots, lots of campy dialogue. The characters barely give a shit about each other and it adds to the hilarity. There's a part where one of the characters dies and the 'witty' guy (c'mon, there's always one who makes shitty jokes at sweet/awful times) who says "I told you we should have gone to the beach."

And people fuck in an outhouse.

Oh yeah, right after he wiped his ass, she comes in and starts performing a blowjob upon his finger. The big finger. You know, the one you stick in the paper towel to wipe with. Sweet.

Disclaimer: I watched this movie with English dubbing and the cheesy voices definitely add to the overall jokeitude (again, I just made up a word) of the movie. I suggest it.

This is not a serious movie. It is a movie where zombies pop out of the snow, a man gets his penis bitten, the aforementioned outhouse-sex scene, and a McGuffin that is stolen from those big pirate movies with the hot babe in the bodice. It is totally worth your 88+ minutes. Watch it and laugh with me. Even at the sad part.

And I left out the very best part so now you have to watch it because I just added a poo-finger's worth of suspense to your head.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's my birthday

Like the title says, it's my birthday. I am 20. If you didn't know this it's because we aren't real life friends and in that case you should let me know you read this by leaving a comment!

I'd like to start off this post with these sexy babes I found on eBay:

Only $135.71 Canadian! And it's my birthday! ... Get it?

Those are so tasty.


You may have seen the trailer for this movie, or maybe saw a different cover for it in your local athenaeum or bookstore. Two things. ONE: Ignore the trailer for the film. The book is NOT full of explosions and action sequences. In fact, I bet the movie will be long and drawn out but in a beautiful bleak way. TWO: Read the book before you watch the movie. It almost made me cry (goodbye 'tough guy cred'...).

I am so stoked for this movie it is unbelievable. I also hope that post-nuclear becomes a fashion trend. But not the lame Industrial gas-mask-y way. More like rags and dirt and big scruffy beards and sunken eyes filled with desperation. And shopping carts.

Yes. Oh my yes, please.

That is all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Returning Glamour

Fuck you and your moustache, buddy.

Okay, fine. You've won me back. Now just hire me already.