Saturday, October 24, 2009

bodily fluids

American Apparel just revealed some new pants or something. They are the original "Stretch Twill Slim Slack Lite" with some tie dye bullshit on them. Check it out:

Moon Beam/Almost Black"

Aren't these just fucking great? I have always wanted to look like I received a bountiful amount of semen on my pants and rubbed it up and down until it was worn into the ridges of my pants. It's just so fucking chic and "like I give a fuck" inspiring.

Oh and look! They come in shit-smeared too! Fantastic!

And according to the site, they come in Fluorescent Yellow / Black as well! I do love piss colours. [/sarcasm]

Fuck those. But you know what? In three months, I'll regret not owning a pair. Fuck my "trendaist" life. And yes, I did just make up a word. Creative license.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Thanks to strikegently for this amazing link.

This shit is amazing. You can analyze it yourself because everyone gets different meanings from film but maybe in a few days I'll post what I think about it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheer Up!

Why do scientists always have to wear running shoes and shit clothes. Maybe if they looked a little cooler, there would be more people getting into science instead of 'economics.'

Look at this old guy wearing running shoes while measuring a python:

I mean, yeah he is old but still. Have a little fun with your wardrobe. Scientists can be eccentric if they want.

Like Jeremy Irons.

(seen here with a babe)

He's old and still totally having fun with what he wears. Once you have wrinkles on your face, people automatically respect you at least a little bit so it doesn't matter what the fuck you wear, as long as it's clothing and not dresses or garbage.

Anyway, scientists: stop taking yourselves so seriously and maybe you'll have more fun discovering protozoids or quasarks or whatever you do.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nick Cave and the Listening List

I just finished this book:

and I must say... Nick Cave, good on you.

It is fucking amazing. Hilarious, touching. But fuck book reviews. They never tell you the real important things. Like what you should listen to while reading this shit. And yeah, you could go all Nick Cave fan-y because it suits it and all but why so overboard? Instead, I have compiled a listening list that accompanies the book so well (in my ears). The albums contain the same ups and downs and depression and intrigue and amazingness that the novel does. If you listen to the shitty fucking ass dick radio while reading this novel, I will slay you. If you listen to Beyonce while reading this novel, you will feel a sort of split being that only schizos and recently separated Siamese twins understand.

Brief Synopsis:
Drunk man likes to fuck. Drunk man has son. Drunk man has wife. Drunk man's wife dies (NO SPOILERS HERE BITCH). Drunk man is left with son to look after as well as himself. Nine year-old son is a FOIL of the drunk. Drunk is also a door to door salesman. READ THIS SHIT.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Yanqui U.X.O.

Heart of Weakness

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
Believes In Patterns

Addendum: Obviously, you're allowed to listen to your own shit while reading this book as well. Just make sure it's either introspective, retrospective, dark, brooding, sadistic, masochistic, misogynistic, or generally plain mean. And if any of the files don't work in the .rar's I've given you bitches, leave a fucking comment for once and I'll fix it. Fuck it, leave a fucking comment for once and I'll suck your god damn dick.