Friday, August 28, 2009

JGL, will you be my best friend?

So, I just woke up from the most ridiculous nap after having a decent drunk and I don't know why, but it's just around eight in the morning and I'm wide the fuck awake and full of energy. And naturally the first (eighth) thought of things to do is make one of these. And today's honoree is none other than the amazing, incredible, handsome-as-fuck man known as:

(I made this in five minutes. Shut up.)

He is basically one of the best younger actors around right now. If you haven't heard of him you must live in a conch or you don't have cable, the internet or eyes. He has two movies in theatres right now. One is big and loud and the other looks like it is going to be amazing but my town isn't priveleged enough so it isn't playing anywhere here... Digress. Those two movies are G.I. Joe and 500 Days (of Summer). (I was going to put IMDB links up but since you already know that site, go there yourself. Also, can you start a sentence with parentheses right after finishing a sentence with parentheses? Can you have punctuation in parentheses? Fuck it.).

I first watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt (hereon known as JGL) on a little show you might know called 3rd Rock From the Sun. Most people I ask have seen the show but only then do they remember JGL and all his pubescent glory. He played the kid. By the way, JGL has been (according to his IMDB profile) in 'the biz' since he was eight. And he isn't a coke snob or asking millions of dollars for shitty roles.

I have no idea what this picture is from but it is so badass.

Every time I get a hankering, a wankering, a spankering for a really good actor in maybe a mediocre film (or sometimes an amazing one. See "Get Cultured" list at the side.), I think of this man. I'm not one for idol worship, but I may have what some people call a 'man crush.' He is just too cool. Just look at that jacket in the above picture, and the political t-shirt. He is just too bad ass to give a shit if some asshole redneck stops watching his movies (How did that happen at all?) because JGL rides the political right.

Have you seen 10 Things I Hate About You? Yeah, I thought so. Then you have seen JGL as a bumbling, sweet, innocent kid. I just re-watched that one for the first time in about nine years and I have to say, except for the (shitty) girl-rock it is still so applicable.

Who could say no to this man? Of course she's with him.

Essentially, JGL makes me want to pack a bag and move to the big city of scumbag L.A. where my crooked teeth will never land me a job but at least I tried, right? I really just want to be friends with him and go out for a night on the town. (That link is to his site, where there are a bunch of videos and a forum and such. Check it out.).

Oh, yeah, and he got to cozy up next to Zooey Deschanel. How jealous am I?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Saturday night I went to the cinema to see the new Tarantino film. It was sweet, but I don't write film reviews so I'll get to the point. Any fashionista aspiring for that crucial historical look should watch this movie.

Mélanie Laurent

Look at her. She knows what's up for a Jew-in-hiding. And the smoke? Pure nihilistic appeal. Her face says "Fuck this Nazi regime shit" and I'm so down with that. I tried to find a full shot of that outfit but I couldn't so forgive me because I know you want to know what her shoes are like but I'm going to guess they're something like this: I don't know shit about historical womens' shoes.

On a sidenote, have a go at these tasty fuckers I just found while looking for womens' shoes from 1940s Paris:
Pierre Hardy Fall '09