Saturday, October 24, 2009

bodily fluids

American Apparel just revealed some new pants or something. They are the original "Stretch Twill Slim Slack Lite" with some tie dye bullshit on them. Check it out:

Moon Beam/Almost Black"

Aren't these just fucking great? I have always wanted to look like I received a bountiful amount of semen on my pants and rubbed it up and down until it was worn into the ridges of my pants. It's just so fucking chic and "like I give a fuck" inspiring.

Oh and look! They come in shit-smeared too! Fantastic!

And according to the site, they come in Fluorescent Yellow / Black as well! I do love piss colours. [/sarcasm]

Fuck those. But you know what? In three months, I'll regret not owning a pair. Fuck my "trendaist" life. And yes, I did just make up a word. Creative license.